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The information in the Revealing Cheshire’s Past database is subject to the copyright of the Cheshire Historic Environment Record. The data may be used for personal research and any output should acknowledge Cheshire Historic Environment Record as the source.

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  3. The material in the database is provided for information only. It is not suitable for development control purposes, the development of management policies, or for the preparation of agri-environment applications. Consultants requiring information for such purposes should contact the Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service.
  4. The information from the database has been compiled from a variety of (often unchecked) sources; therefore the Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service and any of its officers cannot accept responsibility for any omissions or consequences of errors and will not accept any claims for negligence or compensation.
  5. Information must not be used for purposes that damage or could lead to damage of archaeological sites, historic buildings or landscapes. The inclusion of a site in the database in no way implies that public access is available. The vast majority of sites (including Scheduled Monuments) and buildings are on private land and have no public access.

For further details contact: Cheshire Archaeology Planning Advisory Service, Cheshire Shared Services, The Forum, Chester CH1 2HS.

Privacy Statement (Data Protection Act 1998)

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  4. This privacy statement applies to the Revealing Cheshire’s Past database. It does not cover any other web site, or any site that we link to.